The Reunion Short Film

The Reunion is a 3 minute short film about two friends meeting up after a long time and reminiscing about good times. Both have successful jobs with one being engaged and the other planning to throw him a bachelor party to celebrate the occasion. They eventually plan a football party together for the next day and go on their own ways soon after.

There is a little bit of humor in the dialogue although it’s very conversational.

Shots being used:

  1. ES
  2. CU
  3. MS
  4. MCU
  5. XCU
  6. Pan CU
  7. MCU
  8. Pan right
  9. LS
  10. Tilt down MS
  11. MS
  12. WS

Michael Curtiz Documentary Overview & Andy Warhol Documentary

For my documentary, I’m going to do it about the legendary Warner Bros director, Michael Curtiz. He directed classics like Captain Blood, The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Sea Hawk, Yankee Doodle Dandy, Casablanca and White Christmas. For A-roll, I plan on interviewing students from my club, Works in Progress, Prof. Thaler and a few more people active in the Communications Department.

For B-roll, I’ll be using footage from a few Curtiz films like Casablanca, Robin Hood, etc. I’ll be asking questions like: Is he an auteur? What were his most memorable films? Do you notice any techniques from him? Do you recommend his films? For editing, I plan to edit some of it on this Wednesday and the rest of the film on Friday.

I saw a documentary about pop artist Andy Warhol and I thought that it was well edited and visually compelling. It gave me more insight into the popular artist behind those Campbell Soup paintings. It revealed Warhol’s insecurities and what made him the way he was. I highly recommend that anyone watch it.

Food Inc. Response

Justin Weekes

October 28, 2015

Food Inc. Response

I decided to watch and review Food Inc., directed by Robert Kenner. It was released in late 2008/early 2009. This reminds me a little of Morgan Spurlock’s Super-Size Me, but goes more extensively into the fast food industry like the farming aspect. The film’s narrative was focusing on the various fast food companies in America and revealing how the food is handled and prepared before giving to the customers. I really enjoyed the parts regarding the production of meat products and how animals are treated during this process. I always have eaten meat products, but I’m now more aware of what animals are put through in order for us to eat burgers from McDonald’s or Burger King. Meat packing is still prevalent and meat ¬†consumption has created extreme controversy for the animals’ treatment. Overall, I think this film is just as great as Super Size Me but, possibly, even better. The difference between feature film and documentaries is that feature film tell stories from different styles and the majority of the time, it’s fictional. With documentaries, you have a narrator, you have to do tons of research about certain topics and interview various people about the subject matter.

Wilhelm Scream Compilation


This sound effect has been used since 1951, starting off in a Gary Cooper Florida western called Distant Drums and famously used in the Star Wars, Indiana Jones, LOTR and Tarantino movies. It’s an in-joke between sound designers to sneak it in there any way they can. Country singer, Sheb Wooley is believed to have provided his voice for the sound effect.