Final Film Synopsis

My Final Film is going to be a documentary type film pertaining to the annual Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl Football Game me and my home friends play every year. This year happened to be the 10 year anniversary.

The film is going to be somewhat similar to a Monday Night NFL Game coverage with highlights, a few interviews and player introductions. There will be footage of the actual game itself being played as well.

Civil Rights Documentary

I am currently taking a Civil Rights Class and just today watched a documentary. It was one of several episodes of a documentary series and it is titled Eyes on the Prize: Mississippi: Is This America?

The film focuses on the crooked segregationist state of Mississippi, starting with the struggle and fight for voter registration and leads all the way up to the Freedom Summer of 1964. It starts out in 1962, where blacks outnumbered whites 4 to 1 in some counties, but were still denied the rights to vote. Therefore the NAACP, SCLC, SNCC, and CORE formed something known as the Council of Confederate Organization and started a voter registration project. They began devising a plan as well as protests in which blacks would eventually be able to register to vote. For whites, everyone who attempted to register, was registered. On the other hand, for blacks, some of those who tried to register were murdered, and mostly all others were denied. Moving forward, Medgar Evers was a Civil Rights Activist and member of the NAACP who became very involved in the bus boycotts. He organized a boycott of downtown buses in Jackson, Mississippi. Shortly after on June 12, 1963 Medgar Evers was shot in front of his home. He was rushed to the hospital and was pronounced dead 1 hour later at the age of 37. This story spread like rapid fire, yet no one was ever convicted of his tragic murder. The murder of Medgar` Evers sparked a flare in a local math teacher named Bob Moses, leading him to become director of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee otherwise known as “SNCC, and join forces with other local activists in a high-risk voter registration drive. The efforts Moses began to make attracted the attention of many white Northern Students who wanted to help fight for the blacks rights to vote. Many whites who backed black progression were often punished. The controversy and fight for voting rights sparked riots and protests from whites who opposed desegregation and equal right for blacks as well. Now the film moves forward into 1964. On January 23, the 24th Amendment was ratified, which eliminated the poll tax which had been restricting minority groups from voting. When the summer arrived, an alliance of civil rights groups compiled of hundreds of blacks and whites began taking action in what would be known as the Mississippi Freedom Summer. Many violent actions were taken towards the volunteers of the Mississippi summer, some were even killed. Three volunteers named Michael Schwerner (white), Andrew Goodman (white), and James Chaney (black) went on an investigation of a church that burned down. They were later reported missing. 44 days later, after the FBI was tipped off, the three men were found dead and buried along the Mississippi River in Philadelphia, Mississippi. Although the men were killed, the Civil Rights movement and Mississippi Summer project still moved forward. On July 2nd, President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which strengthened the federal government’s power to enforce equal voting rights and eliminated segregation as well as discrimination in public places. All the hard work had paid off, and progress in the Civil Rights movement had been made.

This was a very well made documentary film. Its the fifth episode of a series of documentary films pertaining to the same topic of Civil Rights. One thing that really brings the film to a new level is the use of raw footage during these times, which really allows you to feel the hatred towards blacks, and well as the tension between the two sides of the Civil Rights movement. Another aspect that really made the audience connect, was the interviews with the families of those who were killed during this time, as well as interviews years later with the people who actually participated in these movements and protests. Overall this was a very good and informative documentary film.

Pre Production Documentary

So I talked to my friend from home who is a Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. He’s very on board and excited about the topic I chose and he and his family both agreed to do it. This weekend they are actually visiting him on his base in North Carolina, so I asked him if he has time to please get some footage of them all together on his base and during their times together. As for the footage I am going to be shooting, I plan on interviewing some of our close friends, myself, and getting some broll footage this weekend. Unfortunately, I have to wait until Sunday night or Monday in order to get over to his house to interview and talk to his family.

Documentary Synopsis

I have two or three choices so far for my documentary:

1.) My first choice was that I wanted to do it on the lifestyle of one of my best friends from home who is Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. The b-roll would be somewhat difficult, but I would be able to communicate with him and record the footage through face time. Another thing I thought about doing was interviewing his family, as well as all our friends backs home on him being away for so long, and what our point of view and experience has been during it so far.

2.) Another idea I had was the life of a Mets fan. Considering I am a die hard Mets fan, and how hard it was to watch them go all the way to the World Series and then lose I could do what it is like to go from 9 years of losing to the almost complete Cinderella Story they had this year and the fans reactions.

3.) A third idea I had was to do it on my dad. My dad is a Chef and has been for over 25 years. He works 8-12 hour shifts a day in a restaurant and b roll wouldn’t be that tough to accomplish considering the restaurant he works in isn’t far from my home.

I’m still deciding on which topic to do, and I hopefully will decide soon.


The documentary I chose to watch was Murderball. Murderball is a documentary film based on the lives and well as the competition Wheelchair Rugby players in the Paralympics in Athens, Greece. It mainly focuses on Team USA and their rivalry with Team Canada. The main characters of the film are Joe Soares, Keith Cavill, and Mark Zupan. Joe Soares is the coach of Team Canada, while Keith Cavill and Mark Zupan are two players on Team USA.

Overall this is a very good documentary film. Being somewhat that is very involved and into sports this was a very easy film to watch and be interested in. One thing that really brings the film to a new level is the emotion of it. You really get to feel all different emotions throughout the film. For example, you feel sympathy for these players struggling everyday in their wheelchairs. You get to see how they go about their every day lives, and the certain processes they need to go through just to do what we think are simple normal every day things. Additonally, you get to feel the excitement of watching them actually compete. There are several scenes of the actual Paralympic games throughout the film, and it keep you on the edge of your seat and feel as if you are really there. Another thing that makes this film standout is the personal drama throughout the film. The rivalry between team USA and Canada is tremendous. Joe Soares was an ex team USA Gold Medalist, but then decided to leave his team and go Coach team Canada. This sparked a fury between the two teams and you can really feel it throughout the film.

To be completely honest I think this film was done perfectly and exactly how it should’ve been done. A lot of it is raw footage and personal and I think that really keeps the viewers intrigued throughout the entire film. It is an excellent documentary film. I usually don’t like watching documentaries because majority of them are a bit boring to me, but I found this one truly exciting and enjoyable.