Pre-Production Notes Zumba SO FAR 12/02/14

Kay Trager
Basic Media Production

Pre-Production Notes FINAL PROJECT
– Documentary on Zumba Instuctors/ Zumba on Long Island
– Where: Various locations on long island
Who am I interviewing:
Different Zumba Instructors
Possible Instructors that are willing to interview→
Dara Johnson→ Lucille Roberts Westbury NY 11am Saturday’s
Diana Faustin→ Lucille Roberts Westbury NY Tuesday
Poonam→ Lucille Roberts in Bayside 8:45am on Sat & Westbury (Classes vary).
Gerard Patalano→
Melanie Goldberg→
Jillian Grant→
People that take classes

Focus: Why has Zumba become such a hit in gyms over the past ten years? How does it inspire others?
1) Getting an instructor to show the choreograph breakdown
2) Choreographing process for an instructor
3) Inside a class
4) Shooting the various styles
5) Basic Interview with Instructors
6) Basic Interview with people that take the class
7) Zumba Clothing
8) Studio Space
9) Sneakers
Questions that will be asked to interviewees
-What is Zumba?
-What are the misconceptions that are associated with Zumba?
-Is there a choreography process that comes along?
-Favorite instructors and why?
-Struggles of being a Zumba Instructor?
-How has Zumba changed you?
-What are the positive impacts of Zumba?
-What is ZIN?
-Do you have to be in top shape to do Zumba?
-If you’re not coordinated does it mean you cannot do Zumba?
-What are the common dance styles assosicated with Zumba?
-Who created Zumba?
-How many calories does Zumba burn an hour?
-Are there different Zumbas (ie. Toning, kids)?
-What is the zumba clothing about?
-How do instructors get their music?
-Favorite genre in the Zumba spectrum?
-When did you take your first class?
-How long have you been doing Zumba?
-What are JAM Sessions?
-What are master classes?

Production Notes for Documentary Third Video

Kay Trager
Basic Media Production

Pre-Production Notes- Documentary on the Lucille Roberts of Westbury
Where: Westbury, New York
Who am I interviewing: Manager, Assistant Manager, Trainers, Group Fitness Instructors.
Manager: Kathy Russello
Assistant Manager: Anissa Holness
Trainer: Nancy Weldon
Group Fitness Instructors: Jennifer Gawarecki, Nancy Weldon, and Jackie Barile.
Shots: Gym in absolutely in detail
-A group fitness class going on
-Outside sign
-What you see when you walk in
Questions that will be asked to interviewees
-Why the gym?
-What are struggles/ challenges that are faced in [specific position]?
-Description of classes given
-Personal experience
-Why did you want to be [specific position]
-Expectations of this current location
-Misconceptions of Lucille Roberts or the gym in general

Food Inc Reflection

Kay Trager
Food Inc. Reflection
The documentary I chose to watch was 2008 documentary “Food Inc.” by Robert Kenner. This was a documentary focused on exposing the truth about America’s food industry analyzing the suppliers and the consumers. The director wanted to expose how much the American food industry has changed since the 1950’s since the food industry is more infatuated with abiding by corporate standards. In an effort for these large corporations to make money, they will risk the health of American’s by feeding them food that is filled with chemicals and artificial ingredients that are harmful to one’s health. This documentary’s narrative arc is split into exposing companies/farms that are involved in producing food and individual American families that are negatively affected by the e Food Industry. The way this documentary is filmed really hits home providing an insight into how food is really made; revealing the nasty truth aka how harmful it really is to American’s. This documentary is different than any other feature film because it filmed going out to individual sources to get the facts/knowledge instead in a feature film “anything is allowed to go.” Also, it is different because as well as obtaining the facts it is real people with real stories providing information to the viewer. The main characters either the farm owners or individuals affected by the food industry gets the point across that this is a real issue facing America right now. This movie really impacted me because being a personal trainer, I have seen/heard the negative effects of the food industry but it really got the point across seeing how the major food corporations control the factories/farms. Therefore, the 2008 documentary “Food Inc.” impacted myself and really drove the point across with how bad the food industry is currently; by the way the narrative arc was used to tell the story.

Storyboard For 1 Min Video

Kay Trager
Basic Media Production

Narrative Arc: A busy parent is washing dishes while leaving their child in the highchair in the other room. While washing dishes the parents’ phone rings, eagerly, the parent picks it up and begins discussing vacation plans with whoever is on the other end. The child left unattended in the high chair, is playing and minding his own business. When a figure emerges to the back door and slowly enters, the child is disrupted. The mother engaged in conversation cuts back to reality and realizes she doesn’t hear her child anymore. Frantically rushing to the high chair she realizes the child is not to be seen. The parent then receives a text message stating “should have been more attentive.” The last frame shows the figure and the child facing the train tracks a waiting to board the next train.

Parent: A stay at home parent, that loves their child very much however when their phone goes off the parent tends to get side tracked and leaves the child on the backburner.
Child: A healthy one-year-old boy who is very happy, enjoys eating “Puffs.”
Figure: A hooded figure that has a strong masculine build.

basic media production story board-2

Scanned 1