Script for My Final Project

Characters – Aaron, Justin, Jasper

*Fade up*

*Setting- A Dorm Room*

Aaron (Voice-over)- Ughh. Morning everyone. I’m Aaron. I don’t have a ton of friends on campus but I do have my best friend Jasper. We’ve been together since elementary school. He’s crazy cool. We usually hang by ourselves on weekends but we wanted to introduce me to his new friend-

Justin (Voice-over)- I’m Justin. I’d usually never wake up this early but I’m meeting my man Jasper and one of his old friends for lunch. Jasper is cool, and one of my only friends. Now you may ask yourself how can a handsome, funny, smooth guy like me not have a lot of friends. I’m a loner. I’d rather not get caught up having too many friends. So it goes without saying that I really don’t want to meet Aaron.

Aaron (Voice-over)- I have a good feeling about Justin. I think we’ll hit it off.

Justin – For some reason I kinda hate Aaron and I’ve never even met him. Huh.

Aaron (Voice-over)- The three of us are going to be great friends.

*Scene change*

*Setting- Hallway*

*Same Time*

Aaron and Justin- Hey

Aaron (voice over)- Oh my God does he know he has food in his teeth?

Justin (Voice over)- This kid has his sweater on backwards.


The chunk of the scipt

Final Presentation Outline

Film Idea- Two friends. Film starts with friend 1 waking up in his bed in the morning. Voice-over of his thoughts. He’s meeting up with someone he recently became friends with. He feels as though he is still unsure about whether or not he can be close to Friend 2. In the midst of his deep thought he puts his sweater on backwards. The film cuts to the two friends meeting then proceeds to showing the viewer that they both made mistakes while getting dressed but feel uncomfortable about telling each other because they only just met. The film concludes with the friend that introduced them pointing out their flaws and telling them that they both overthink things.

Setting- The campus dorms and around campus.

Genre- Comedy

Shots- Establishing medium shots, close, extreme close.IMG_3882

Documentary Idea And Champs

For my documentary I would like to explore and flesh out the life of college students who dorm on campus. I would probably name my documentary “The-Dorm”. I would explore the history living in a dorm, not only at Adelphi but in colleges all across the U.S. My A-roll would feature different residents who live on campus and do not visit home often discuss their daily lives and struggles. My B-roll would include shots of the outside the dormitory, the interior, and specific rooms.

The documentary I watched was “Champs”. It’s a documentary focusing on Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield; but also discusses a lot of the social effects and causes surrounding boxing. I enjoyed that the film caught the viewers attention right away by having a familiar voice open up the film. There was not any real fault I can find with the film. It was emotional, inspirational and informative. I already knew Mike Tyson’s past but the way it was broken down in the film made it really interesting to watch anyway.

Food Inc Response

The film I chose to review is Food Inc. I watched this film back in high school but it was refreshing watching it over for this assignment. The narrative for this film tackled different fast food companies and the way in which they handle their food before it is served to the customer/consumer. One of my favorite parts of the film is where Mcdonalds is basically exposed for mistreatment of their animals. Growing up I never liked eating Mcdonalds, and watching Food Inc back in high school for the first time reaffirmed my belief. The way in which animals have changed over the years to fit our new wants is both remarkable and sickening. The meat packing industry is controlled by a handful of companies that distribute more meat than any other time in human history. The consumption of meat in the U.S as well as a lot of countries all over the world, has become so twisted behind the scenes.