Documentary 2 Review

The documentary I chose to do my second review on is another ESPN special called “The Fab Five” made in 2011.  The fab five was a group of 5 college students who attended the University of Michigan in the 1990’s and made a huge impact on the world.  Their names were Chris Weber, Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King and Ray Jackson.  These students were adored by the media, and brought the world of college sports something no one had ever seen before – individuality, attitude, and swagger.  This documentary highlights the recruitment, glory days, cultural impact, and notorious scandal surrounding these young men that was seen by the world.  What I loved about this documentary was the way in which the director depicted each one of these mens lives.  Turning them each into an international icon even when most of the spotlight was only around 2 or 3 of them, most of the time only 1 or 2.  I also love how the documentary was able to reveal truthful information never yet seen by the world such as the attitude that these men had towards a Duke team prior to their 1992 championship game.  This served to be very controversial information at the time and caused a big stir in the sports world.  Most of all I loved how this documentary was able to spotlight a time of a group of outspoken kids who brought baggy shorts and individual independent style to their team, their university, and to basketball.

Documentary Outline

My documentary is about my dad, the kind of person he is, what he does for a living, and what his lifestyle entails.  My pre-production included deciding what kind of a and b role I wanted in my film.  Most of the b role is to be filmed at the airport, as he spends a lot of his time traveling.  I plan on getting shots of the customs line, printing out plane tickets, the walk to the plane, plane getting ready to take off, taking off, and in the air transitioning from day to night.  More of my b role will be my dad working in the house/kitchen, which is essentially his office when he is not traveling.  I will have dialogue of him and my family talking in the background as he and they explain things about him.  Then I will have a role of him talking to the camera, as well as my sisters and mom saying something about him as well.  I plan on starting this film of with his alarm going off at 5 am, and to finish off the credits after my mom or sisters has said something decent about him, with the same ringtone as the concluding audio.

Documentary Film Idea

My documentary is going to be about my dad.  He is a 61 year old VP of sales for a toy company called Tech4Kids.  My dad has the luxury of working from home , but he also travels out of state and country a lot.  He is one of the nicest people I know and his personality is what carries him as a successful salesman.  I plan to execute this by first filming his daily routine.  I plan to film him at work as well as when he is done with work with the family. I plan to interview him about what he does and about himself.  I also plan to interview each member of my family with short clips about things they have to say about him.  The b-role i plan to incorporate are the alarm clock going off at 4:00am when he wakes up, and then him making breakfast (making coffee, and toast coming out of the toaster).  His computer screen as he his working, as well as him typing.  Also i will possibly include him going through customs at the airport as well as getting on to the plane, and plane taking off.