Film Synopsis – Upcycle




Film Synopsis:

I plan on following one person in the beginning getting ready to go about their normal day. I want to start with the faucet or shower with running water. Then them walking to a bench at a park or one of Adelphi benches. I want to be sure to get a full shot of the background with a lot of greenery . While they are sitting I am going to have random people/ students walk by each different and throw things or food such as: an apple core, newspaper, empty can, orange/ banana peel, plastic bag, paper ball, etc. . Each of these things will be thrown at the person. I will try to get shots from different angles, and closeups as well. Then I want to either reverse the film to where they were happy or maybe just take a still shot and let the moment set in. After, I want to close out with text saying, “The Earth is living too. If you wouldn’t treat a human begin like this why should we treat our earth like this.” or Maybe a statistic, I have a few in mind.