Script for My Final Project

Characters – Aaron, Justin, Jasper

*Fade up*

*Setting- A Dorm Room*

Aaron (Voice-over)- Ughh. Morning everyone. I’m Aaron. I don’t have a ton of friends on campus but I do have my best friend Jasper. We’ve been together since elementary school. He’s crazy cool. We usually hang by ourselves on weekends but we wanted to introduce me to his new friend-

Justin (Voice-over)- I’m Justin. I’d usually never wake up this early but I’m meeting my man Jasper and one of his old friends for lunch. Jasper is cool, and one of my only friends. Now you may ask yourself how can a handsome, funny, smooth guy like me not have a lot of friends. I’m a loner. I’d rather not get caught up having too many friends. So it goes without saying that I really don’t want to meet Aaron.

Aaron (Voice-over)- I have a good feeling about Justin. I think we’ll hit it off.

Justin – For some reason I kinda hate Aaron and I’ve never even met him. Huh.

Aaron (Voice-over)- The three of us are going to be great friends.

*Scene change*

*Setting- Hallway*

*Same Time*

Aaron and Justin- Hey

Aaron (voice over)- Oh my God does he know he has food in his teeth?

Justin (Voice over)- This kid has his sweater on backwards.


The chunk of the scipt