Final outline

Cast- Caitlin, Tom, Joe

Film Idea- To re-create a scene from Friends where Joey, Ross, and Chandler are going to play a new game show that Joey is auditioning for Bamboozle. With the film my brother and sister are going to start downstairs, and Caitlin wants to play some Monopoly and Tom agrees to play but when they come upstairs to ask me to play I can’t because I’m trying to figure out how the game of Bamboozle works. Caitlin ends up asking me if she and Tom can help me prepare for the audition, and understand the game of Bamboozle better. Tom isn’t a big fan of Bamboozle because he rather play Monopoly, and it shows as he is sarcastic with some of the answers that he provides throughout the beginning and middle of the film. As we start playing Bamboozle it shows how I’m not able to understand the rules of the game since I have some confusion with the cards and the rules. As the scenes go on from one cut to the next so does the game as the leader change from Tom to Caitlin, and back and forth from there with the suspicion of who’s going to win the practice game. Towards the tale end of the game you see how the characters from myself the host to the contestants Caitlin and Tom start the gain better knowledge of the game where Tom ends up not only loving the game towards the end, but also getting Bamboozle because he picked a Google card, and Caitlin ends up winning the game.

Genre- Comedy

Shots- Medium, Medium close up, close up