Reflection on Documentary “Cancer: The Forbidden Cures”

I had taken time out to actually watch this documentary. This documentary makes me think about how real this situation may be. Why wouldn’t anyone want humanity to survive and be rid of such a disease like cancer? After watching this, I am influenced to think that the FDA and AMA are all about pharmaceuticals based capital gains. The well being of a human life has no place or value in a profitable business. It’s a wonder why none of the natural ‘ayurvedic’ remedies are endorsed by the FDA. This documentary made me feel sad for the victims of cancer, and irritated on their behalf. I felt a lot of animosity growing against AMA for taking so much control over the medical industry, and therefore our lives.  It seems true, and I wonder about the truth in the cure that Renee Cassie found. The treatment she gave was named the reverse of her last name, as Eissac. 1938, she received 55,000 signatures for her petition to legalize her cure, which was rejected by the legislation. The legislation claimed that the the patients were mistakenly diagnosed, and that the diagnosis were only legally allowed by doctors. Her clinic did not survive for long afterwards. She had the proof and the patients to back her, but still the legislation did not permit her to use her remedy to cure patients. FDA did not approve her remedy. In fact, the authorities attempted to get her arrested for trying to treat patients without authority. In fact, in some states it was established that it will be a felony for any doctor to prescribe their patients Eissac. Similarly, Harold Hoxey, N.D., founder of the Hoxey clinic, also put up a fight to legalize natural remedies discovered in the treatment of cancer. He was arrested many times for trying to treat and for fighting for his belief. To disseminate his theory, he even made a movie in 1957, called “You Don’t Have To Die”. In fears that the Hoxey treatment was becoming of demand over the solutions FDA approved and offered in hospitals, the medical authorities produced a public warning notice cautioning public from using the Hoxey treatment. Furthermore, they closed down his 17 clinics. Hoxey finally gave up his fight after 25 years and opened a new clinic in Mexico, and is still successful.