Narrative / Storyboard on Final Project by Nisha Chand

Storyboard - Christmas - by Nisha ChandMy final film will be based on Christmas. It will be an abstract form of of a documentary. For every Christmas, we take out time to decorate our homes. The lights make the environment so much more cheerful. We write to Santa Clause in hopes that we have been good enough all year to earn presents from Santa. We leave cookies and milk to allow Santa enjoy his visit to our homes.

I am not Christian or Catholic, etc, but I envision Christmas as a wonderful turn of events and a fabulous way to end a year. No matter how much strife, turmoil, sadness, anger, busy, or down one feels, the environment of the Christmas cheer brings hope and bliss. The holiday events, the holiday cheers, the holiday gatherings, the wishes, all these little activities bring so much happiness that the sorrow can be forgotten. It’s a great time in the year for those who are lucky.

So in my film, I hope to bring some cheer into life. I hope to show the efforts put in to decorating a tree. I want to take a minute and observe this young girl that came across my FaceBook. Her name is Safyre Terry – She is a survivor of a Arsen Fire that killed her parents. Her wish this year is to receive Christmas Cards from around the world. I will also send one. I will capture this special moment this way. I hope to show many decorated houses on a road trip while I talk about it cheer they bring to me.  In the end, I’ll show us with some gifts under the tree. Because at the end, that’s what it’s all about for a child. The gifts. But for me, it’s about opening the gift of hope into a new year.

Character list:

Me, my daughter, family, The Decorated Homes, and Safyre Terry on Facebook and other media. Also, Santa Clause (in conversation only).