Final Film narrative arc

For my final film, I’m doing a documentary on how the recent events in the news has affected the Muslim community, especially on campus. I will be interviewing 5 Adelphi students about their experiences and thoughts about the prejudice and discrimination, as well as the some of the positive outcomes that occurred in response to Donald Trump’s comments about banning Muslims from this country.

One girl who I was very interested in interviewing for the documentary told me that her parents were very uncomfortable with her being a part of this documentary, which I assured her would only be shown to this class, because they worry that much about her safety. They have asked her to take off the hijab, a part of her religion that she is unwilling to compromise, and now limit her from going out unnecessarily because they fear she will be attacked in some way. I will blur her face in the documentary and will not use her name, but her story is a primary example of why this documentary needs to be made and will be the focus of the documentary.

Questions I will ask include:

  • How do you think recent events in the media have affected Muslims within the past few weeks?
  • Do you have any personal experiences in which you fear for your safety because of your religion?
  • What would you tell someone who has prejudices or fears about Muslims or the Islamic faith?
  • Have you ever been discriminated against because of your faith?

For B-roll, I will be shooting footage of different things that represent the Muslim faith: a woman putting her hijab on, someone praying, etc. I am also thinking about filming some footage inside of a mosque.