Documentary Extra Credit – Love Me

I watched a documentary called “Love Me”. It washout mail order brides from Ukraine. The documentary focused in on 5 men, Robert, Eric, Bobby, Ron and Travis. The men talked about how they haven’t found the right woman yet and that they need help. They were introduced to some of these online websites from friends such as and elenas models. These men joined a tour to visit the Ukraine and go to 3 mixers that would introduce them to a bunch of single ladies. The ratio in Ukraine is 87/100 (men/woman) so many woman in the Ukraine look for husbands elsewhere.

Once in the Ukraine the men entered their first mixer. At the mixer the men were told to “introduce themselves and find themselves a wife!” Within the first 10 minutes all the men were being social talking to as many women as they could. At the end of the mixer a couple men were infatuated with certain women, while others didn’t seem to find her yet. The second mixer was like a walk in the park being that they just did the same thing last night. The men were talking to women and each of them found someone that they thought they could see themselves with forever. Now the only thing was did the woman feel the same way?

It went deeper into each relationship while still in Ukraine and the men and women seemed to really like each other. There were many dates the men went on to know the women a little better. Some the woman couldn’t speak english so there was a translator on the date as well. Many of them chose to get married to the women right away. The women had to go through customs in the Ukraine to be able to come to the U.S. They all were able to go to the U.S. except one woman wanted to stay since her kids were in the Ukraine. Later the movie let us know that she was a scam artist and just used the websites for money to pay for her family. In the end 3 people were married but 1 ended in a divorce. The other two ended happily and one couple was pregnant and couldn’t be more happy together.

This movie was interesting to watch. I’ve always heard about mail order brides just never really thought it could be really something people would want to do. It showed that you can find love anyway, you just have to put yourself out there.