Production Notes for Documentary Third Video

Kay Trager
Basic Media Production

Pre-Production Notes- Documentary on the Lucille Roberts of Westbury
Where: Westbury, New York
Who am I interviewing: Manager, Assistant Manager, Trainers, Group Fitness Instructors.
Manager: Kathy Russello
Assistant Manager: Anissa Holness
Trainer: Nancy Weldon
Group Fitness Instructors: Jennifer Gawarecki, Nancy Weldon, and Jackie Barile.
Shots: Gym in absolutely in detail
-A group fitness class going on
-Outside sign
-What you see when you walk in
Questions that will be asked to interviewees
-Why the gym?
-What are struggles/ challenges that are faced in [specific position]?
-Description of classes given
-Personal experience
-Why did you want to be [specific position]
-Expectations of this current location
-Misconceptions of Lucille Roberts or the gym in general