Pre-Production Notes Zumba SO FAR 12/02/14

Kay Trager
Basic Media Production

Pre-Production Notes FINAL PROJECT
– Documentary on Zumba Instuctors/ Zumba on Long Island
– Where: Various locations on long island
Who am I interviewing:
Different Zumba Instructors
Possible Instructors that are willing to interview→
Dara Johnson→ Lucille Roberts Westbury NY 11am Saturday’s
Diana Faustin→ Lucille Roberts Westbury NY Tuesday
Poonam→ Lucille Roberts in Bayside 8:45am on Sat & Westbury (Classes vary).
Gerard Patalano→
Melanie Goldberg→
Jillian Grant→
People that take classes

Focus: Why has Zumba become such a hit in gyms over the past ten years? How does it inspire others?
1) Getting an instructor to show the choreograph breakdown
2) Choreographing process for an instructor
3) Inside a class
4) Shooting the various styles
5) Basic Interview with Instructors
6) Basic Interview with people that take the class
7) Zumba Clothing
8) Studio Space
9) Sneakers
Questions that will be asked to interviewees
-What is Zumba?
-What are the misconceptions that are associated with Zumba?
-Is there a choreography process that comes along?
-Favorite instructors and why?
-Struggles of being a Zumba Instructor?
-How has Zumba changed you?
-What are the positive impacts of Zumba?
-What is ZIN?
-Do you have to be in top shape to do Zumba?
-If you’re not coordinated does it mean you cannot do Zumba?
-What are the common dance styles assosicated with Zumba?
-Who created Zumba?
-How many calories does Zumba burn an hour?
-Are there different Zumbas (ie. Toning, kids)?
-What is the zumba clothing about?
-How do instructors get their music?
-Favorite genre in the Zumba spectrum?
-When did you take your first class?
-How long have you been doing Zumba?
-What are JAM Sessions?
-What are master classes?