For my final project, I’m going to do a bit of a home improvement “transformation” video. Over the Thanksgiving break, my mother and I painted and re-did the countertops in my kitchen. My father is a construction worker and he built our house, but the old irony of the┬áconstruction worker having completed every house but their’s is true. Because of this, my kitchen has been a work-in-progress for as long as I can remember, but my mother and I tackled it in one very long day. Although it’s not perfect, it’s much better than before. So really, this film is a documented home transformation project.

As for my shot-list, because my film is more of a documentary style film, I found it hard to storyboard. I knew vaguely what types of shots that I wanted to get, but not the exact shot. In the end, I feel I got many varied ones that truly showed the extent of what we were doing. From spreading sheets on the floor to pouring paint to taping off the kitchen molding. Because we started early (5:30 AM), I had to continually adjust the white balance as daylight tricked in. I also had to continually reframe every shot, because we were moving about quite a bit, with paint and glue and leftover tape on my fingers. It was definitely tough, but fun.

I haven’t yet started the editing process, but I’m interested in how it will turn out. My mother and I tackled the two different projects at the same time (her the tiling, me the painting), so I think that I’ll most likely switch back and forth between the part that she’s handling and the part that I’m handling to make it visually interesting. I also want to see if some of the more lengthy, ‘boring’ shots (like the extended footage of me painting) can be sped up, and see if it will flow well with the general vibe of the film. Over the film, I plan to put music, so I’m not worried about the sound.

I hope it turns out well!