Final Film

My final film will be entitled “Modern Magic.” It will focus on the fact that in today’s world, we have many conveniences that were not available in the past. This will be shot in the first person perspective, with the camera following the exact movement of the main person. The character will not be fully shown, only his hand will be shown. It will focus on transportation, electricity and the online world, and access to clean water. The film will begin with a shot of someone traveling to their car, starting it, and beginning to drive. Shots will cut in between footage of his travel, and show short bursts of footage about the other themes. This will include a person placing an online order and the package arriving immediately after. Other shots will include an underwater shot of running water and a sink’s faucet opening. Lastly, I will show a TV turning on and someone changing the channel. The film will conclude with the person arriving to his house. During the final credits, a screen will flash with the words “Don’t take it for granted” as a way to relay the idea that these modern conveniences should not be overlooked. The entire film will be shot on a iPhone 6s and will be edited in Adobe Premiere. It will be a 3-4 minute film.