Winning time Reggie Miller

The documentary I’ve decided to watch this week was another 30 for 30 film which was Winning Time Reggie Miller vs the New York Knicks. The reason why I selected this documentary is because this is one of my favorite documentaries in sports and in documentaries in general. Winning Time talks about how Reggie Miller became the basketball Hall of Famer that he became. It started with battles with his sister Cheryl Miller who at the time was one of the best female basketball players to be playing basketball, and how Reggie struggled with everyone calling him Cheryl’s brother and living in his sisters shadow. When Reggie Miller was drafted in the first round with the 11th overall pick by the Indiana Pacers there was some outrage by Pacer fans because they wanted to draft the local Indiana star Steve Alford who went 26th overall. The biggest challenge that faced Reggie Miller in his NBA career in the mid to late 90’s was the New York Knicks, and Spike Lee. In game five of the 1994 NBA Playoffs the Pacers traveled to New York to take on the Knicks, and Spike Lee was sitting court side heckling Reggie Miller while Reggie was struggling in the first half, but in the second half Reggie started to score and hit his vintage jump shot. Meanwhile as Reggie was heating up he started to heckle Spike Lee back, and then their was one point in the fourth quarter Reggie Miller hits a clutch three turns towards Spike Lee and puts his hands on his throat as a choking symbol that the Knicks were choking the game away. Pacers now up 3-2 in the series went back to Indiana hoping to close the series out and move on to the NBA Finals, but when the game was on the line and it was winning time for Reggie Miller he missed a crucial free throw that allowed the Knicks to win the game, and the the Pacers went back to New York for game seven and lost the game and the series to the Knicks. Next season in the 1995 playoffs the Pacers and Knicks would met up again with 18 seconds left in game one Reggie Miller did the impossible scoring 8 points in 9 seconds when the Pacers were down 6 points, and the Pacers went on to win game one and the series vs the Knicks in seven games. But once again Reggie fell short in the 1995 playoffs losing the the Orlando Magic. But the sensational thing about the documentary was how a player was able to face defeat one season, and then the very next season come back stronger than ever and have one of the most defining moments in playoff history scoring 8 points in 9 seconds. It was also cool seeing how the feud between Reggie Miller and Spike Lee started with all the trash talking and heckling done between the two men. The documentary explained everything it was supposed too, and that was how Reggie Miller was able to pull off winning time vs the Knicks when in 1994 Reggie struggled to close out the series, but in 1995 Reggie was able to lead the Pacers past the Knicks.