Pre-Production on Documentary

While I was thinking of several documentary choices in the recent past; I dropped all those thoughts and options. My ex and his wife just had a son on December 6 at 10:52 AM at Winthrop University Hospital. My ex relayed the news to me while he was away at work – yet to return home. I took our daughter to the hospital for my daughter to see her new step baby-brother. I couldn’t think of a better documentary at this point. Such a little baby and how everyone, from my point of view, gets around me and is around the baby.

I could get my daughter’s feelings, the baby’s parents feelings, grandparent’s feelings, and more. Most importantly, I can share my feelings as the mother of the daughter who now has a step-brother. So, I’m hoping I can do justice to the truth and to their visual display of affection. I am moved. I was compelled. I can share that emotion as the compelling factor in my documentary.