The documentary I chose to watch was Murderball. Murderball is a documentary film based on the lives and well as the competition Wheelchair Rugby players in the Paralympics in Athens, Greece. It mainly focuses on Team USA and their rivalry with Team Canada. The main characters of the film are Joe Soares, Keith Cavill, and Mark Zupan. Joe Soares is the coach of Team Canada, while Keith Cavill and Mark Zupan are two players on Team USA.

Overall this is a very good documentary film. Being somewhat that is very involved and into sports this was a very easy film to watch and be interested in. One thing that really brings the film to a new level is the emotion of it. You really get to feel all different emotions throughout the film. For example, you feel sympathy for these players struggling everyday in their wheelchairs. You get to see how they go about their every day lives, and the certain processes they need to go through just to do what we think are simple normal every day things. Additonally, you get to feel the excitement of watching them actually compete. There are several scenes of the actual Paralympic games throughout the film, and it keep you on the edge of your seat and feel as if you are really there. Another thing that makes this film standout is the personal drama throughout the film. The rivalry between team USA and Canada is tremendous. Joe Soares was an ex team USA Gold Medalist, but then decided to leave his team and go Coach team Canada. This sparked a fury between the two teams and you can really feel it throughout the film.

To be completely honest I think this film was done perfectly and exactly how it should’ve been done. A lot of it is raw footage and personal and I think that really keeps the viewers intrigued throughout the entire film. It is an excellent documentary film. I usually don’t like watching documentaries because majority of them are a bit boring to me, but I found this one truly exciting and enjoyable.