ESPN Films Documentary 30 for 30: Bo Jackson/ My documentary

The 30 for 30 ESPN documentary on Bo Jackson who is one of if not the greatest athlete of all time was tremendous to watch whether you were a sports fan or not. Bo Jackson grew up in Alabama with his mother and they were a poor family. In high school he was a three sport athlete running track and field, playing baseball, and playing football all at high levels. Bo was drafted out of high school to play baseball for the New York Yankees, and the Yankees were willing to pay Bo Jackson anything from a quarter million dollars plus depending on what Bo wanted. Bo rejected the Yankees offer since he told his mother that he was going to go to college and become the first member of the family to go to college. Bo accepted a football scholarship to Auburn University since he wanted to stay home, and Alabama told Bo that he wasn’t going to play until late sophomore year early junior year. Auburn was going to play Bo his freshmen year that’s why he elected to go to Auburn university to follow what the sports he participated in while he was in high school which was track and field, baseball, and football. In 1985 which was his senior year of college Bo Jackson won the Heisman Trophy which was the college football version of the MVP. In 1986 the Tampa Bay Buccaneers drafted Bo Jackson with the number one overall pick, but since the owner of the Buccaneers Hugh Culverhouse lied to Bo Jackson about a NCAA violation that ruled Bo ineligible to play out the remainder of his baseball season Bo elected not to sign with the Buccaneers and play baseball instead. Bo was drafted in the fourth round of the MLB amateur draft by the Kansas City Royals. While playing baseball Bo showed why he was a tremendous athlete with his unbelievable speed for a man that was 220 pounds, and his power his first home run was almost estimated at 500 feet which was very rare to see in baseball also while taking batting practice he hit the crown of the Royals logo which was located in center field. In 1987 while Bo was making a name for himself in baseball, and just one year after being drafted by the Buccaneers the Los Angles Raiders decided to draft Bo Jackson in the seventh round of the draft. Bo accepted the deal to play for the Raiders, but the Raiders would have to wait until the baseball season concluded then Bo would play football in the NFL as a “hobby”. It was crazy to see a man like Bo Jackson decide to play football as a hobby considering it was and still in one of the most dangerous sports being played. Bo would go on to have a amazing career in both baseball and football, but unfortunately his playing career got cut short due to a serious hip injury he suffered while playing football, and the hip injury would plague him trying to make a comeback since it was incredible hard for Bo to run. Bo Jackson due to his hip injury was forced to retire so short in his playing career playing almost 700 baseball games, and just 34 football games.

What worked about the 30 for 30 documentary about Bo Jackson was that it was a well conducted documentary starting with Bo Jackson’s early days as a youngster growing up in Alabama, and what sports he played. That depicted to those who didn’t know who Bo Jackson was just indeed who Bo was and how he became the person that he is. The the documentary went into Bo’s college life as a great college athlete playing for an instate college at Auburn University. Then from college it was onto the pros as a baseball player for the Royals who then picked up football as a hobby for the Raiders. There’s nothing that I saw that could have made the documentary better their was a group of writers, journalist, coaches, and athletes that talked about the career Bo Jackson. The documentary reveled that Bo Jackson was one of the greatest athletes of all time who was able to succeed at the highest levels of two major sports, and unfortunately how Bo’s career got cut short and what he was doing as a retired athlete.

For my 5-7 minute documentary I was going to talk to one of my close friends who plays soccer at Hofstra University, and who is from a small country Malta which is next to Italy. I was also going to talk to a couple other friends who know my close friend as well and have them talk about how they became friends, and his soccer life. For B roll I was going to record footage of my friend playing for Hofstra.