Escape from a Nazi Death Camp Summary

The documentary I choose to watch was called Escape from a Nazi Death Camp by director Hereward Pelling. This film captures the devastating and heart breaking conditions Jewish citizens had to face in Sobibor, one of the Nazi’s most terrorizing death camps. It follows these prisoners as they plan one of few successful breakouts from a Nazi death camp. During World War II, the Jewish prisoners who were not killed in war were held captive and ordered to complete cruel tasks. The film consists of numerous interviews with the citizens who escaped as they share their tale. These survivors were seen visiting what is left of the remains of the camp today. One man, who was one of the leading forces behind the escape, shared specific details and plans he had made while still incarcerated. This documentary revealed the truth behind a horrific tragedy that happened. I think the b-roll of actors playing out the past events helped bring awareness to these untold stories and documented acts of the intense and gruesome violence the Jewish citizens endured. I also think showing footage of the survivors revisiting the grounds of Sobibor allows the viewer to become emotionally invested to the subject. When interviewing survivors, the passion and emotion was intense and worked with the overall theme of the documentary. I do think that this film left a lasting impression, and is a great way to find out more about the breakout for those interested in this topic.