Documentary Synopsis

I have two or three choices so far for my documentary:

1.) My first choice was that I wanted to do it on the lifestyle of one of my best friends from home who is Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. The b-roll would be somewhat difficult, but I would be able to communicate with him and record the footage through face time. Another thing I thought about doing was interviewing his family, as well as all our friends backs home on him being away for so long, and what our point of view and experience has been during it so far.

2.) Another idea I had was the life of a Mets fan. Considering I am a die hard Mets fan, and how hard it was to watch them go all the way to the World Series and then lose I could do what it is like to go from 9 years of losing to the almost complete Cinderella Story they had this year and the fans reactions.

3.) A third idea I had was to do it on my dad. My dad is a Chef and has been for over 25 years. He works 8-12 hour shifts a day in a restaurant and b roll wouldn’t be that tough to accomplish considering the restaurant he works in isn’t far from my home.

I’m still deciding on which topic to do, and I hopefully will decide soon.