Documentary Synopsis

For my documentary I will be creating a character driven film, interviewing one of my fellow dance professors. She is well known within the dance field and extremely innovative with her choreography process. I choose her not only because of her skill, but because of the whole hearted and good person she is. Her personality is a breath of fresh air, and many will like her accent as well. I plan to interview her and ask her questions about how she started dancing, and what she takes into consideration when creating a piece. I also plan on interviewing fellow students and professors in the department as well, and ask them to describe the person she is and how she has influenced their perception on the art of dance. I want to incorporate b-roll of her teaching, as well as meeting with students, working in her office, or even taking the train to her next destination. I would also like to incorporate her piece for this semester’s Dance Adelphi show at the end of the work, or throughout it since I am able to have access to the dancers personally.