Documentary Summary

The documentary I watched was an ESPN 30:30 special that I found on Netflix called “Four Days In October” about the Redsox team of 2004 that did what no sports team has ever done in history, coming back in the playoffs down 3 games to none to win the series.  This documentary did a great job of getting inside looks into what fans never get a chance to see.  We got exclusive footage from one of the Redsox player’s video cameras, inside the dugout with the coaches and players conversations and celebrations.  We also got pregame on the field access to dialogue from both teams.  Besides the inside access this documentary provided, it also did a great job of combining amateur and professional footage.  We saw camera shots from the live coverage of the games as well as what looked like fan’s cell phone or camera footage.  This worked really well in this film, giving it a more personal and authentic feel.  One thing that this film didn’t do is give enough coverage on the Yankees in this series.  It would have made the documentary a lot more interesting to see progression of both sides emotions and input as the series progressed.  What this documentary revealed to us is that the 2004 Redsox was a very easygoing team with a lot of laid back and fun-loving personalities.  They really seemed to get along well especially in the dugout behind the scenes, and even on the brink of elimination they still had the same amount of confidence and relaxation as if it were any other day.