Documentary Idea And Champs

For my documentary I would like to explore and flesh out the life of college students who dorm on campus. I would probably name my documentary “The-Dorm”. I would explore the history living in a dorm, not only at Adelphi but in colleges all across the U.S. My A-roll would feature different residents who live on campus and do not visit home often discuss their daily lives and struggles. My B-roll would include shots of the outside the dormitory, the interior, and specific rooms.

The documentary I watched was “Champs”. It’s a documentary focusing on Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield; but also discusses a lot of the social effects and causes surrounding boxing. I enjoyed that the film caught the viewers attention right away by having a familiar voice open up the film. There was not any real fault I can find with the film. It was emotional, inspirational and informative. I already knew Mike Tyson’s past but the way it was broken down in the film made it really interesting to watch anyway.