Documentary Idea

I have two ideas for my documentary, I just have to talk to the person for my first idea and see if he will agree to it. He is out of the country right now.

The first idea is to do a documentary on my uncle who is a Buddhist monk. He is very quiet about his practice so I don’t know if he would be up for it. It would be interesting since he is from Iran and grew up Muslim. He is so detached from the world and lives in simplicity, I think it is admirable. I could do B role of the land upstate (where he lives) and maybe some Buddhist statues and items.

My second idea is one of my family friends who moved here from Senegal. She came here by herself and started a life here and had some issues with her papers and now she cant go back to Senegal. I love her culture and the ways she does certain things in her life. She is a hardworking wife and mother of two. I could do b role of New York City especially because a lot of people come to NY from other countries.