Steve Jobs Documentary Reflection

For this week’s assignment, I watched the documentary “Steve Jobs: One Last Thing,” which tells the story of how Steve Jobs became the legendary man that he was and the legacy that he has left behind.

I learned a lot of information that I never knew about Steve Jobs. I never knew that he was a part of the animation film studio, Pixar. I wasn’t aware of his relationship with Bill Gates, which was covered in great detail in the documentary. I also did not know that there was a point in time when Jobs did not work for Apple. Today, he is seen as such an iconic, successful man, so one does not think that he has experienced much failure, but the documentary also touched upon certain failures that he experienced.

The documentary also gave credit to Steve Wozniak, who was portrayed as the brains behind the operation, with Jobs playing the role of the creative salesman and marketing genius. I had never even heard of Steve Wozniak before this documentary.

The documentary was purely about his career at Apple, so it didn’t cover much of his personal life, which also shapes who a person becomes. We’ve all heard various stories about his personal life or the way that he used to go about a normal day, which was not discussed at all during the documentary. Perhaps it would have been more entertaining, and more impactful, if those details were included.

Although most people in our generation know all of the ways that Steve Jobs and Apple have revolutionized our world in terms of technology and music, it never registered how much he had changed those fields until I watched this documentary. There is one comparison at the end that one of the interviewees make between Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs, and he basically stated that Jobs revolutionized more industries than Edison, which is a fascinating comparison to think about. In history, Edison has been regarded as such an important figure, but is it possible that Jobs was even more game-changing? Our disadvantage is that we were born around the time of the change and we grew up around iPhones, iPods, MacBooks, etc. However, in history, this documentary made me believe that Jobs will be regarded as an even greater inventor and innovator.

It was inspiring, impactful, and a great way to tell the professional story of Steve Jobs. Aside from the lack of details of his personal story, they did a good job of getting a variety of interviewees who knew Jobs well or had some connection or expertise on him and representing his professional life. The most moving part was seeing the legacy that he has left behind and the way that he has touched so many people’s lives.