Documentary Idea: AU Sapna – “The Dream Team”

My idea for my documentary is to tell the story of Adelphi’s Bollywood fusion dance troupe, AU Sapna. I don’t think that many people on campus are aware of all that they do. They compete in university-wide and inter-collegiate competitions, as well as dance competitions that are hosted outside of the university realm. Instead of just showing what they do as a dance team, I thought I would highlight how they are able to celebrate their culture on campus, and also educate others on a special part of the Indian culture. I also wanted to show how dance strengthens their personal relationships, as some of them are best friends, roommates, etc.

The troupe is made up of 14 dancers. I am planning to interview about 8-9 of them. I would like to include a few eboard members (who have been on the team for a while), 2 of the new members (so I can show their perspective in joining this troupe), and to highlight how it strengthens their personal relationships, I would interview a pair of female best friends and pair of male roommates, all of whom are on the AU Sapna team.

B-roll would include footage from their performances, as well as their dance practices. I have already found out when their practices are. I plan on going to two practices on different days next week (probably Thursday and Friday), unless I can get all the footage I need in one day.

I would like to use my DSLR camera to shoot the documentary, because I feel like I have better control over it and am more familiar with it than the cameras that we can rent from the Communications department.