Grizzly Man Reflection

The documentary that I decided to watch was Grizzly Man. The film was by Werner Herzog. The documentary was about the man Timothy Treadwell. Timothy had spent thirteen summers in Alaska in Katmai National Park and Preserve. Timothy was obsessed with Grizzly bears and believed that over time they learned to trust him. Until October 5, 2003 when he and his girlfriend,Amie Huguenard were killed and eaten by a bear. The film was very interesting to watch. It was interesting to see how Timothy acted and how he thought. I also really enjoyed the way that Werner Herzog told the story. I liked the way that he used some of the footage that Timothy used. I felt like really made me understand how Timothy really was. Which made it easier to like him. I feel like if Werner only told us about him and interviewed people who knew him it would be harder to like him. I would have thought that maybe he was crazy. Which he was, in my opinion, but you could understand why he was like that.I also enjoyed how Herzog showed that Timothy really cared about the animals and that he wanted to protect them at all cost. Yet, at the same time he showed how that was also a negative.