Food Inc.

The documentary film I chose to watch was Food Inc. This is a documentary that digs deeper into the food production industry and where the food we buy at the grocery store really comes from. This film was created from and made from the reports of Fast Food Nation author Eric Schlosser as well as The Omnivore’s Dilemma author Michael Pollan. The main characters are Eric Schlosser, Joel Salatin, Barbara Kowalcyk, as well as the few corporations that he does begin to unveil. The film really does a good job of exposing the strong relationship between business and government, as well as exposing the unknown story and methods of the American Food Industry. The Narrative Arc of the film is that if people knew what really went on in the meat and poultry industry, if not all, majority of the nation would not want to eat the food we buy. Another part of the narrative was how the ugly truths of these industries are being covered up by a few overpowering corporations.

There were a few distinct difference between this type of film compared to featured films. One would be the voice overs by the narrator. During many portions of the film, there would be a narrator (Eric Schlosser) explaining what was taking place in the film. Also, this was all raw footage. There were no special effects or anything added and everything that was taking place on film was completely true and did happen as it was shot on camera.

Overall this was a very good, but disgusting and gruesome film. I found a lot of it to be repulsive and hard to watch. In particular I found the part with the baby chicks, as well as the adult chickens to be hard to watch. I also found it interesting how many chemicals they actually do put in the chicken and food we buy. A quote from the film was that there was “Nothing Honest About That Food.” After watching this film, I find that statement to be completely accurate. I never really put too much thought into it, but this film really opened my eyes to the fact of how much chemicals and toxins are actually put into the food we all eat on a daily basis. From now on I’m going to think twice before buying food in the grocery store, and I may start to leaning towards eating more organic food.