Food Inc. Response

The food industry has always been a unsettling one for me.  I try to eat as healthy as possible and lean towards organic foods, but as this documentary points out, the system is skewed in such a way that a double cheeseburger costs less than a head of broccoli.  The main characters in this film are Eric Schlosser, Barbara Kowalcyk, Joel Salatin, and some corporation growers.  Specifically Eric, Barbara and Joel make a great impact on this film, with Eric’s dedication to exposure and information, Barbara’s cause, and Joel’s devotion to integrity and health standards.  The main narrative behind this film, is that that food industry, specifically the meat and poultry industry is an ugly one being covered up by a small handful of conglomerates.  One of Eric Schlosser’s main points in his investigative reporting is that, if the most of us knew the conditions and processes through which the animals that make up our food were subject to, we might not want to eat this food.  Due to genetic modification and mass production, only recently was the disease e-coli introduced as a risk of eating some meat and other products.  Barbara Kowalcyk serves as an unfortunate example of a mother who’s child went from completely healthy, to dead 12 days later because of this disease.  Towards the middle to end of this narrative we are introduced to Joel Salatin, my favorite character in this documentary.  He is an outcast committed to the boycott of genetic modification, and to healthy old-fashioned farm grown standards.  He provides the viewer with the hope that we are looking for that their are still some people like him out there, with the intention of delivering food to consumers that will make us healthier, not less sick.  I have seen this film before and it has had an impact on me.  For a few years straight I completely stopped eating red meat, fast foods, and any products containing high sugar or high fructose corn syrup.  I still try to follow this diet to this day, but now and then I do give into a burger or an unhealthy snack.