Food Inc. Reflection

Food Inc. is a documentary which exposes the food industry. It goes into details of the food we are encouraged to eat and what is really in it and how it is manufactured. Something many people do not realize is how synthetic the manufacturing of our food is and how it is produced with chemicals to make food grow bigger and quicker. The documentary touches on the labeling of products, fast food products, meat and dairy products, GMOs, and even the pricing of food and how it is easier for some families to go spend a few bucks on some fake food from mcdonalds than to go to the grocery store to buy healthy, fresh food. Even the fruits and vegetables that we think are good for us have been subjected to mass production and injected with chemicals and steroids which then get transferred into our system. The documentary does not have a main character as it goes to different manufacturers, companies, farms, and personal families and speaks to each of them.

This documentary has had impact on me for years now. I saw it a couple years ago and it had confirmed what I already knew. I am thankful for films like this which try to inform people of what many are completely blind to. I am a vegetarian and very cautious about what I eat because of the reasons stated in this film. I think it’s absolutely disgusting and horrible and sadly, the United States is one of the worst countries when it comes to food production and consumption.