Gabby C Armadillo Summary

The documentary Armadillo, follows a group of young Danish soldiers on a extreme mission to reach an army base in Southern Afghan. It was filmed by documentarian Janus Metz alongside cinematographer Lars Skree, who both accompanied these men on their extensive six month long trip into the field. In this film, we are introduced to these men at the beginning stages of their deployment, showing farewells to their families and heading into an unknown war zone.

Armadillo takes us through each month individually and shows the hard times as well as successful experiences these men shared. It shows their gruesome fight against the Taliban being positioned within a mile radius of their army base, Armadillo. It also allows us to see the action from a first hand experience through the film maker. The narrative arc in this film is the controversial feedback soldiers can get while in tough situations, for example the shoot out with the Taliban. From watching the documentary, we experience the hard times they face everyday while at war trying to protect themselves and their fellow man; which is considered a normal day Afghan.

These Danish soldiers are the main characters and struggle throughout the time making difficult decisions based on instinct. The film made me feel empathy toward the soldiers seeing how they have to live for the past six months constantly on their toes. The filmmakers had to risk their life many times to get some of this intense visual footage. Also, the acts of brutality they endure and scenes they investigate just to make sure the Taliban doesn’t invade and control the neutral citizens is fervent. Thus, we should not judge these men based on quick decision making. If we were in that position, we would act in the same matter to protect ourselves and loved ones. This film had a huge impact on me. It made me wake up to the realization of war, and how many countries deal with this today. This fight against the Taliban is serious and can lead to longlasting issues within our nation. This documentary has enlightened me to see the bigger more harsh image of war and how it is not only affecting the man in it, but the innocent civilians who are surrounded by this environment.