Storyboard and Character Sheet

Balance storyboard

  1. Title shot: faucet being turned on with the word “Balance”
  2. Vicky and Finn get back to Finn’s home from a hike. Vicky complains to Finn about being all dirty.
  3. Finn offers Vicky to use their shower.
  4. Vicky climbs the stairs to the bathroom.
  5. Vicky (already in the bathroom) strips down and grabs a red towel off the rack.
  6. Vicky opens the shower curtain to take a look at the shower.
  7. Vicky sees the knob (presumably different from her own). Camera zooms in on knob.
  8. Zoom in on Vicky’s eyes- she squints in determination.
  9. Vicky turns the knob to one side.
  10. Vicky jumps away from the too-cold (or too-hot) shower water.
  11. Montage of Vicky twisting the knob back and forth trying to find the correct temperature.
  12. Finally, Vicky finds the perfect temperature right in the center of the hot and cold.
  13. Vicky sighs in relief.
  14. Vicky starts washing her hair and humming in contentment.
  15. Finn knocks on the door and yells “Vicky, open up, I have to pee!” and Vicky’s eyes snap open in horror.

Character Sheet

Vicky (Victoria Fernandes)- The main character of the film and one half of a pair of friends that enjoy hiking. She seems to lack common sense since she doesn’t know how to use a shower that isn’t her own. She is determined to figure out the problem.

Finn (Kayla Kelly)- Vicky’s good friend who is kind enough to offer the use of their shower. Also seems to lack common sense since they don’t use the bathroom before Vicky decides to take a shower.