Storyboard For 1 Min Video

Kay Trager
Basic Media Production

Narrative Arc: A busy parent is washing dishes while leaving their child in the highchair in the other room. While washing dishes the parents’ phone rings, eagerly, the parent picks it up and begins discussing vacation plans with whoever is on the other end. The child left unattended in the high chair, is playing and minding his own business. When a figure emerges to the back door and slowly enters, the child is disrupted. The mother engaged in conversation cuts back to reality and realizes she doesn’t hear her child anymore. Frantically rushing to the high chair she realizes the child is not to be seen. The parent then receives a text message stating “should have been more attentive.” The last frame shows the figure and the child facing the train tracks a waiting to board the next train.

Parent: A stay at home parent, that loves their child very much however when their phone goes off the parent tends to get side tracked and leaves the child on the backburner.
Child: A healthy one-year-old boy who is very happy, enjoys eating “Puffs.”
Figure: A hooded figure that has a strong masculine build.

basic media production story board-2

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