1 Minute Film

Character Description

Casey: Main character, wakes up for daily routine, pours coffee, goes to get ready and comes back upstairs to her cup of coffee gone

Ryley: Housemate of Casey, in a rush to class, thief of the coffee

Shot List:

Shot 1: Kuerig pouring coffee (close up)

Shot2: opening fridge to get milk (medium)

Shot3: pouring milk into glass (medium)

Shot 4:Leave cup to cool, and go get ready for class (long)

Shot 5:Ryley coming down stairs in a rush

Shot 6:Sees coffee pot Is empty, and sees Caseys cup of coffee from kuerig

Shot7: Pour’s caseys coffee into her togo cup

Shot8: writes sorry note on near by newspaper (medium)

Shot9: casey comes back up stairs, ready

Shot 10: see’s her cooling cup of coffee is gone (over the shoulder)

Shot 11:sees note left by ryley

Narative Arc:

Casey follows her daily route, gets up in the morning gets her coffee ready and leaves it to cool while she goes and gets ready. Ryley in a rush this morning see’s there no coffee left in the regular pot. She see’s Casey’s usual cup of coffee sitting there cooling. She takes the coffee and pours it into her to go cup. When Casey comes back up stairs ready to go and have her coffee, it is gone.


Shot in the kitchen and stairs ways of our house. This location worked with my plot and was accessible for me.


Unsure as of now what background music I will use…