Video Summary

Name of Film



I will be shooting near the Nassau Blvrd train station. The setting in the film will be as if the characters are walking toward the train. I chose this location because it worked with my films narrative and Garden City is a really nice neighborhood to get shots in.


There are two roommates. Their names will not be given, so I’ll distinguish them as roommate one and two. Roommate one is walking toward the train station when roommate two runs up behind him screaming. He continues to scream about his roommate leaving and leaving things in their room. Roommate one is becoming frustrated and eventually snaps, telling his roommate that he is only going home for the weekend. Roommate two feels embarrassed and decides to dance it out. Roommate one can’t stay mad and decides to dance with him. Roommate two eventually stops dancing and goes home.


Roommate one- A calm and cool person who only want to go home for the weekend. His parents could not pick him up so he was forced to take a train instead. He has a roommate who gets on his nerves at times, but he deals with it because they are really good friends.

Roommate two- Impulsive, annoying and a little psychotic. Roommate two hates when things are unfinished. He loves living with roommate one but and considers them to be best friends. He also has a bad memory, which drives the films plot.


I am still unsure what music I am going to use for the film but it might be a mixture between Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home” and a remix of Fun’s “We Are Young”. This is not set in stone however.