One Minute Film – Storyboard, Character List, and Narrative Arc



Shot List:

  1. Long Shot , Title , Sun , Yellow, Red
  2. Zoom, Long shot , Sun
  3. dark , light shining through
  4. close up, see bag/ zoom, zip block , make sure you see writing
  5. Get coffee, pack bag, show mug, add in dialogue
  6. cut, take nap, change of angles
  7. camera change, pan, zoom
  8. close up of keys, dialogue, pan of walking
  9. color light
  10. exit frame, focus on rock, red sweater
  11. zoom in, see writing
  12. Pick up , dialogue
  13. flash back, rewind , fast
  14. wake up zoom in, alarm, cozy warm feeling.

Character List:

Madison Love–  is a brown hair, brown eye girl who is very optimistic person living in Upstate, New York. She is a mid- teen who loves animals and one day wishes to be a Veterinarian. Madison is determined to buy a fish to put in her room and is debating a name for it. Being creative she has a great imagination, and very vivid view on the world.

Dwayne- the rock is a main character in this short film, but is a figure of Madison’s imagination.

Narrative Arc:

Madison is a animal lover who finds herself in a predicament. She has always wanted a fish, so instead she gets a rock. Longing for a best friend she takes this item with her everywhere. She even names him Dwayne “The Rock”. Incorporating comedy within this short film we will see how this story of two best friends unfolds.The narrative twist is that the whole story is a dream, ending with her alarm clock going off.