1 Min Film Overview



Character Description

Suspect: Man who is thought to be on the men on the FBI’s most wanted list. He fits the description and everything and looks just like the man they’re looking for. The man is being surveillanced by the FBI. He is seen as a threat, and is thought to have a bomb or something of destruction in his briefcase. In the end there is a twist and his fate is determined.

FBI Agent 1: Agent Harlow – FBI Agent who is the “eyes from above” who is doing surveillance of the suspect from the upstairs room from the house on the corner.

FBI Agent 2: Agent Storm – The FBI Agent doing surveillance from the car nearby, who is the one who runs and tackles the suspect.

Shot List

Title Shot

Shot 1: medium shot of cars passing

Shot 2: medium shot of suspect waiting for bus

Shot 3: Far/point of view shot from above then goes to zoom in and focus on suspect

Shot 4: close up shot of FBI Agent in car

Shot 5: medium side view of suspect on street

Shot 6: close of shot of FBI Agent again communicating with other agents

Shot 7: close up shot of suspect starting to unlock briefcase

Shot 8: FBI Agent close up, medium shot getting out of car to go chase down & tackle suspect

Shot 9: medium shot of suspect being tackled

Shot 10: close up of suspect on ground, 2 FBI Agents standing over him

Shot 11: close up of FBI Agent slowly opening Briefcase

Shot 12: Close up and rise from briefcase to FBI Agents face

Shot 13: Med-close shot of FBI Agent realizing they have the wrong guy—scene cuts out