One Minue Film: Narrative Arc and Character List

Narrative Arc

Deepak walks into this mystical coffeehouse while looking for his friend. Instead, he encounters a fortuneteller gypsy who seems to be awaiting him. She calls upon him. He keeps staring as if going into his imagination.

The gypsy bids him to her and warns Deepak to he must stay away from newspaper and milk of carton or his dead will be definite. Deepak is taken aback by this dramatic claim of his future, and he walks out of this coffeehouse distraught. He keeps walking until he arrives to his house at which point he is a little less tense.

At home, his little sister was playing ball. She is not the greatest and accidently throws the ball in the neighbor’s yard—the ball some how winds up rolling into the neighbors backdoor entry/house. His sister notices him and calls out to him for his help and requests him to get the ball back for her. Deepak obliges and turns to the direction of the neighbor.

He knocks. The lady of the house responds. They are familiar to each other so she tells him to just go in and get it himself. Deepak goes into the house to get the ball. When spotting the ball, he bends to pick it up. As he returns to his position, he sees the newspaper, and the carton of milk. He is shocked and the ball drops from his hands, and goes into a trance.

He returns to his room and turns off the lights—hiding in the dark. In fear of death, he rocks away his life on his favorite chair. Time passes by and he keeps himself excluded from living life. One day, realization hits him—old, with greys in his hair, he grasps that death has not come. He is still alive. He gets up.

Coming out of his stupor, he is back in the neighbor’s house. He picks up the ball and leaves.

Instead of turning towards his own home, Deepak started to cross the street-once again in deep thoughts. He doesn’t even realize a car speeding towards him.


Suddenly coming out of his hallucination, he finds himself in front of the same coffeehouse. This time, he decides not to enter. He decides to remain out. He turns away and walks away from the coffeehouse leaving the mysteries of

Character List

Deepak:          A young man studying and working. He has a kid sister and a single mother. Ever since his father left, he tends to daydream a lot. Deepak easily believes in everyone; agrees to most without thinking of other possibilities. To make it worst, he is superstitious and confused. He doesn’t lead his own personality. Deepak is someone who always checks what the fortune cookies tell him or what the horoscope tells him about his day. Deepak and Tom are good friends—Deepak envies Tom because of Tom’s complete opposite, outgoing, spontaneous, and independent personality.

Tom:            Tom is very open-minded. He has a dark personality too. He and Deepak met in high school when he was new in town. Deepak welcomed him without any criticism. Tom was not welcomed much then because of his numerous body piercings (eyebrows, tongue, ears). Tom is into Gothic things and loves to hang out at Witch’s Brew Coffeehouse. He likes mysteries. He enjoys celebrations and holidays. He loves to shop at Hot Topic.  Tom just started working at Witch’s brew as a host and just recently separated himself from the numerous piercings.

Shia:              She’s Deepak’s kid sister. Being so young, she and Deepak don’t quite play together. She often feels distant but always seeks his attention. She also just started play basketball and is trying to learn how to dribble the ball. Sometimes, she’s good, and sometimes she’s not. At times, she pretends it’s a soccer ball and loves to just kick it about. She is only 7 but loves to depend on her big brother at every possibility.

Gypsy:            Deepak had once seen this gypsy at a fair and found her very attractive and mysterious. However, his desire to seek her out has been kept at bay. She gives Deepak an eerie feeling. She is often in his nightmares.

Neighbor:      Aunti is an older lady who is undergoing back therapy. To make it easier for herself, she keeps her home on a wireless alarm that allows visuals of her entryway so that she can unlock the door from her wireless cellphone. She doesn’t need to come to the door to open the door. The new technology has been very helpful in her recovery process. Aunti is really nice woman and cares much about Deepak and his family.