One Minute Film – Pre-Production Info

Character List:

The Fugitive: A mysterious, dark-clothed female in her mid-teens. Has wine bottle with her and wears sunglasses. Is currently escaping police detection by killing and escaping from anyone who gets in her way. A wanted advertisement for her is posted in the local newspaper. When the ticket collector sees this ad when asking the fugitive for her ticket, the ticket collector attempts to arraign her, but the fugitive ends up smashing the bottle over the ticket collector’s head.

The Ticket Collector: Mid-twenties female wearing dress pants and a casual shirt/sweater. Has a set of keys for the doors to the train. She asks other passengers for their tickets. Puts a red check-mark on each ticket after it is collected. Ends up getting attacked by the Fugitive when she sees the Wanted ad.

Passenger 1: A woman with a suitcase and drinking from a milk carton. Gives her ticket to the ticket collector and has it checked-off. Middle-aged woman in business casual attire.

Passenger 2: Reads the newspaper that contains the Wanted advertisement. Middle-aged man in business casual attire.

Narrative Arc: 

The fugitive enters the train, attempting to be inconspicuous. She walks to her chair and puts on her sunglasses after seeing another passenger looking at her Wanted ad in the newspaper. The ticket collector checks the tickets of the other passengers and then comes to the fugitive. The ticket collector asks for her ticket, then the fugitive says she does not have one. The TC asks why and then the fugitive says that it is a long story. The TC then sees the wanted ad and recognizes the fugitive. The TC tries to grab the fugitive but in a twist, the fugitive takes the wine bottle she brought with her and hits the TC in an attempt to escape. The screen goes black before any violence is shown.

Shot List:

Shot 1: The fugitive is shown entering the train. She has her sunglasses in hand. The other two passengers are shown. The room, which emulates the train, has six seats that face a wall. Two sheets hang from the entrance to the room to mimic entering a section of a train.

Shot 2: A POV shot of the fugitive walking in and putting her sunglasses on. The wine bottle is shown. Passenger 1 is shown drinking from a carton of milk.

Shot 3: The ticket collector enters through the sheets and begins to check the first passenger’s ticket.

Shot 4: A closeup of the ticket being checked with a red pen is shown.

Shot 5: The the ticket collector goes over to the fugitive and asks for her ticket. The dialogue ensues.

Shot 6: A closeup of the fugitive’s face is shown then a closeup of the ticket collector’s face is shown, as to follow the lines of dialogue.

Shot 7: The final action shot is of the fugitive lifting the bottle and attempting to hit the ticket collector.

Shot 8: A black screen is shown and the glass breaking audio is heard.
*Exempt from Storyboard.