Narrative Arc:
Anne is reading the newspaper when she sees an ad for Pennsylvania pumpkin picking. Frustrated with her normal, boring routine, she decides to have an adventure and drive there. However, as she’s driving, she notices nasty weather coming in. When she pulls over and checks her phone, she sees that a hurricane is coming in. Determined to pick her pumpkins anyway, she forges on and winds up nearly alone in the patch. However, she successfully picks her pumpkins and finally returns home, exhausted.

Character Description:
Anne is stuck in a dead-end, monotonous job. She’s middle class and has a comfortable life, yet lacks the spontaneous, fun moments usually present in it. She’s not very adventurous. Anne came from a normal, loving family, but both of her parents have died and she has no siblings. She has no husband or children. As a result, she’s a bit lonely, as work is the only thing in her life. She decides to go on the road trick because she’s frustrated by the predictability and lack of variety in her life. Unfortunately for her, her fun adventure takes a bit of a turn as a hurricane comes in during the outing.

photo 1

photo 2

Story Board List

  1. Direct, eye-level shot of faucet dripping.
  2. Zoom in shot of clock, angle tilted up.
  3. Eye-level shot, slightly tilted down, of Anne reading the newspaper.
  4. Eye-level shot, slightly tilted down, of Anne pouring milk into coffee.
  5. Over the shoulder, high shot of newspaper. Zoomed in.
  6. Same as shot 3.
  7. Eye-level shot of suitcase being zipped.
    ***Tilted, slightly above eye-level shot of keys.
  8. Medium sideshot of Anne driving.
  9. Point of view shot of the road (as Anne is driving).
  10. Point of view shot of the car driving over a huge puddle.
  11. Medium sideshow of Anne checking their phone and seeing hurricane news.
  12. Tilted shot of pumpkin sign. Zoomed in.
  13. Tracking shot of Anne as she walks into field.
  14. Downward titling shot of tractor wheels.
  15. Sideshot of Anne on the tractor platform.
  16. Tracking shot of Anne walking among pumpkins.
  17. Point of view shot of the road (as Anne is driving).
  18. Same as shot 1.
  19. Same as shot 2 (different time).
  20. Medium eye-level shot, slightly tilted down, of Anne sitting at table with pumpkins, exhausted.