Shot List/Character Description

Character Description: Laila – Indo-Caribbean, 17, goes to academically-competitive school, gets good grades, athletic, popular, teacher’s pet. Comes from stable family, economically well-off, lives in safe suburban neighborhood in Long Island, sheltered by her family. Good relationship with mother, father, 3 siblings. Happy family life, little turmoil/family drama. Goes on class trip to Chicago. This trip was the first time she traveled without her family.

Shot list:

  • Story board frame 1: shot from left side of the porch, angled toward the driveway (on the right). long shot
  • Frame 2: shot from left side of porch, over Zayna’s shoulder, close up of her turning the key in the door
  • Frame 3: shot inside, from second floor overlook, through slits in the glass. tilted camera angle, medium long shot
  • Frame 4: shot inside, behind Zayna, at the far end of the hallway, medium shot
  • Frame 5: shot inside, from dining area, angled toward the left part of the kitchen, medium shot.
  • Frame 6: same as frame 5
  • Frame 7: same as frame 6
  • Frame 8: close up of phone, from left side of character
  • Frame 9: shot from the other end of the hallway (near the kitchen), follows character down the hallway. follow shot
  • Frame 10: shot from across the basement door, follow shot, medium shot
  • Frame 11: follow shot, medium shot
  • Frame 12: close up of her hand turning on the light in the basement