Blair Witch| My Reflection

I as an individual has always steered away from watching news because mostly all news is not good news. I always felt that our personal lives are so hectic and crazy, that when it comes to TV, I would want to watch something entertaining and fun, nothing sad and horrible. There is, without a doubt so many horrible, gruesome, and demented actions taken by really sick people and to really good or innocent kids and people, it hurts knowing such horror exists. I did notice that on the site:, it indicates that the students Michael Williams, Joshua Leonard, and Heather Donahue, the filmmakers, disappeared. I was creeped out by that knowledge. I had to prepare myself to watch the movie. Without trying to get involved, I watched a portion of the movie.

In the beginning I noticed that the instability of the camera made be me a little unsettled. Then Heather Donahueue gave the introduction of what was about to happen, I felt a building panic; I still braved up to continue watching.

I noticed that there were several medium and close shots when each person had something to say, the camera was zoomed accordingly.

I also noticed that there was a traveling shot in the car when they were driving away from their first day after inspecting the cemetery.  During such occurrence the scene around was captured like an extreme shot, providing a landscape view.

There were some voice over moments when Heather Donahueue was giving her narrative while the camera was being shot.

I also noticed a subjective shot when the camera was capturing the cemetery and again when it was focusing on the rocks after their hike into the deep woods.

Overall, I must say that this documentary must have been very challenging for college kids who went out of their way to do something extraordinaire.  It takes courage to divulge into a documentary which entails mysterious deaths of many.