The Blair Witch Project Reflection

Gabrielle Cruz

While watching the film the Blair Witch Project for the first time it kept me on my feet. It was more interesting than frightening for me.The film had a lot of great Camera Angles, mostly being shot with the camcorder in their hand the entire time. I also thought that the amount of Close shots in the film actually made the film creepier. I do like how the focus of the camera was never really clear. I think the element of shake added to the film. Also, really brought us into the life of the film students. It was being shot on a Camcorder which was extremely up close and personal.

 I liked the element of jump cuts witch further enhance the film. It made it seem a little rough around the edges. The blank screens and gaps between scenes left an unfinished product theme that came to life throughout the entire film. The zooming and different cut shots allowed the edits to seem jumpy, but at the same time allowed fear to sneak through. Overall, the film was well thought out and put together. These students broke boundaries in the film industry with this film had an amazing sense of creativity. I can see why after watching the film.