Blair Witch Project

I have seen the Blair Witch Project before so I kind of knew what to expect. This time around watching the film I payed closer attention to the types of shots. The majority of the film is shot from a point of view shot. With one of the characters holding the camera, it is always in their specific point of view. It’s very shaking and hard to follow at some points. There are a lot of continuity cuts throughout the film. These cuts take us from one scene or sequence to another. It cut from one thing to another but carried the narrative along. For the most part, it always seems as if the camera is zoomed in. Close ups/Extreme close ups are used a lot when someone is talking or that are talking about something specific. These shots are symbolic to the narrative of the film. Another concept the film used a lot of was voiceover. Voice over is the narrators voice when the narrator is not seen. When a character was holding the camera and talking about what they were showing they were doing voiceover. When they are in the woods at night they use pan to show the whole area outside. Pan is the movement of the camera from left to right or right to left. The film also features long shots, when the characters are at some distance from the camera and we can see their whole body within their surroundings.